Man Leaves Russian Circus With Severance

October 23, 2009


See the link above, or the story follows:

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan – An ice-skating bear turned on its trainers, killing one and seriously wounding another during a rehearsal.

“The incident occurred during a rehearsal by the Russian state circus company troupe which was performing in Bishkek with the program, Bears on Ice,” Ministry of Culture and Information director Kurmangazy Isanayev told reporters.

Isanayev says the bear, who was wearing skates at the time, attacked a 25-year old circus administrator nearly severing one of his legs and dragging him across the ice by his neck.

An animal trainer was critically injured trying to rescue the first man.

He suffered deep scalp lacerations and bruising of the brain.

After the incident, the circus was cordoned off by police and emergency service workers.

It is unclear what prompted the bear to attack, but the animal was shot and died at the scene of the attacks.

Russia has a long-standing tradition of training bears to perform tricks such as riding motorcycles, ice skating, and playing hockey.

Fatal attacks are unusual.

Ohhhhh yes, let’s dress a bear up in humiliating clothing, make it perform stupid human tasks, and—as my friend Steve pointed out—then put a blade on each of his feet. What could go wrong? I think this might actually be plagiarizing a page out of the Gourmet Recipe Book for making Bear Rampage Death Soufflé.

This is The Cosmos thinning the herd of bear trainers.

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