The Best Laid Plans of Rhino and Man

November 15, 2009

…often go awry.

I got these rhinoceros-shaped cookie cutters to make delicious, glorious rhino sugar cookies for a darling person in my life who, incidentally, is very rhinoceros-like in many ways. Note that these are not rhino-flavored; they merely resemble rhinos. Important distinction. No rhinoceroses were hurt in the making of this blog entry.

So. Um… Where was I, then? Oh. Yes, rhino-shaped cookies. Adorable, right?

These are just about ready to pop into the ol’ oven here.


Oh, but no, no, no, Reader, no.  Nothing is ever that easy. Once the timer went off, I pulled them out of the oven, and—



Rhinos with a water-retention imbalance of some sort. Sorry, little buddies! These are slightly slow rhinos. They’re my special little guys.

Seriously, why do they look unintelligent??? How—why—eh—ah—*frustrated sigh*

…*contented cookie-dough eating noises resume*


4 Responses to “The Best Laid Plans of Rhino and Man”

  1. Ha! I love it. Nothing is ever that easy for sure.

  2. […] back to a foreboding feeling I’d experienced with a previous dessert incident–The Great Cookietastrophe of ’09–told me to put the mixture into little balls and place them on the cookie sheet before […]

  3. Melissa said

    Lol this is awesome! So hilarious! Did you use a “roll-out” recipe? I’m planning to make Rhino cookies for my bf who’s nickname is “Rhino” too & came across your blog 🙂

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