Jar brain

December 21, 2009

Fluid in the brain
renders it bloated and inconsistent
like soggy cereal.
Sloppily mudded into a cold ceramic bowl,
left to sit for too long.
It deadens the process
of careful vivisection, and rapid illumination,
and tinkering with circuits, and the longing to do so.
Poor brain; addled and rotting—
a lemon and a liar.
And suspended.
Watching all this through the television
The special yard sale episode
where keen-eyed scavengers
take all the old stuff away. Useful stuff,
to some.
Poor brain, stunted and stinking
drawing attention to its inactivity through inactivity.
Jar brain
unlabeled and shelved
a science casualty, a staminal burnout
a failure of a furnace
In a body dimmed frigid (with occasional shocks).

2 Responses to “Jar brain”

  1. Tabitha said

    I cannot express how much I liked this. Can you say win of the day??

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