Smoking the doily

December 28, 2010

My conversation today with my Darling Male Companion. This amused me. *Ahem*:

Me: Ha! My blog is signed up with RSS feeds so links to my blog appear on random pages, and I get linked to from all kinds of crazy, unrelated things. Like pet sites, travel blogs, etc. Well, I just got linked to off WikiLeaks. Awesome.

DMC: WikiLeaks?  O_O   I assume this means the FBI reads your blog, too.

Me: Lol, right? I’ve gone federal; break out the champagne!

…Maybe I should remove that bit in there about when I shared a doobie with Hilary Clinton and Medvedev next to a decorative pail of yellowcake…

DMC: I assume it’s too late. Erasing it now just makes you look guilty.

Me: What if I changed it to “birthday cake”?

DMC: No good. The mandatory minimum sentence would be for the doobie, not the yellowcake.

Me: Well, changing “doobie” to something like …”doily” would avoid a misdemeanor, but changing “yellowcake” to “birthday cake” eliminates possible treason for exposing government secrets.

Like when Ethel Rosenberg got pinched for her satirical blog, “Chillin’ With the Manhattan Project.”

DMC: …So your story is that you, Clinton, and Medvedev were smoking a doily next to a birthday cake?

Me: Hey, they were crazy times.

Um…this is all true.


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