Definitely not nefarious.

June 13, 2011

So many possibilities.

Do you know how many samples of my frightening genetic code would be out there if I could sell my sperm? Not that I have sperm. That sounded like I’m speaking of my sperm like I have sperm, like it already exists. Or will ever exist. For the record, not that I’ve ever extensively microscope-checked anything that’s left my body in one way or another, but being that I’m female and all, I’m relatively certain I don’t have sperm. I’m not, like, secretly hording anyone else’s or anything, either. That would be creepy, and that’s not how I meant my opening sentence. In sum, I have no sperm.

I feel like that was unnecessarily complicated.

But that’s the point. It would be so much easier if I did have sperm. That’s like a nonstop ATM attached to your body. Need a buck? Grab a magazine. AND it’s helping people who really want babies to have babies. AND it would be spreading my seed so that I may some day have a thousand me’s to carry out my nefarious– I mean, nothing. My nefarious…group of…pacifist gardeners…who desire nothing more than to plant flowers all over the world.

What? Nothing. What’s over there?  *walks away*

Nothing to see here.

2 Responses to “Definitely not nefarious.”

  1. Adam said

    If only it was that easy. There are so many screenings to be a donor it is very hard to do it. I looked into it a great deal. You know you can sell an Egg for about $15k-$35k 🙂

    • Ms. M said

      Oh, don’t I know it. But that’s an even crazier process that costs you lots of doctor’s visits, time off, an extensive background check, lots and lots of needles, and a painful harvesting process. Also, the word “harvesting” pertaining to my body while I’m alive is totally high on the “ick” factor.

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