Hair of the Dog

November 12, 2010

Being a creature of habit, I note that I shower every morning from 6-6:20. I then towel dry my hair and go about the business of my morning, arriving to work at anywhere from 8-9 AM, depending on what I have to do that morning before work. And even if I get there at 9, my hair still hasn’t fully dried by the time I get into the office. This generally leads to a scene of me drying my hair on the hand blow dryer in the ladies’ loo when no one’s looking (and also every once in a while when they catch me, which always is a little awkward). How is it that my hair takes three hours plus to dry? I propose that each strand is made out of a long, absorbent piece of sponge.

Okay. So this may not be my actual hair. It’s close.

And I think I got it bad, but then I come to read up on Pulis, which usually don the dreadlocks of the dog world. With their corded coats, they can take several hours to blow dry or over two days to air dry. This is ridiculous. If I were a Puli, I would demand you Sinead my hair off right the fuck now.

I now feel better about my own hair. And I kind of want a Puli. They’re so cool.

And a Puli groomer. Cause, hell. Who has that kind of patience?

Like a little, furry cannonball.